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Bio-strath® digest is a natural product.  It is indicated for digestive problems, particularly if they are caused by inadequate biliary flow, poor digestion of fat and flatulence.

It takes care of problems with the abdominal organs: - Liver, gall bladder and pancreas.

Bio-strath® Digest contains three main ingredients:
• Thistle seed (silymarin)
• Artichoke (cholagogues)
• Peppermint leaf extract and Bio-strath® food supplement.

Thistle seed (silymarin) has been found to be hepaprotective, with liver regeneration activity.

It is useful in the treatment of chronic liver inflammation, cirrhosis of the liver and acute and chronic hepatitis.

Artichoke leaf extract has been shown to be a natural remedy which promotes healthy digestive system and improves various digestive health disorders. Artichoke leaf has shown to provide valuable preventive health benefits and protection.

It protects the liver from damage, also enhance detoxification reactions. It is well tolerated and no side effect.

Peppermint leaf has been found to be effective in digestive disorders; it has a calming effect, relieves spasms, strengthens the stomach, and has a bowel-comforting effect.

Yeast plasmolysate (Bio-strath®) enhances a sense of well being and supports the self healing power.

Dosage: Adult and young people from 12 years upwards: 20 drops to be taken with 5ml water.